Whether your business is in Life Sciences or Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas or PetroChemicals, Environmental or Water & Wastewater, Metals & Mining or Cement, Power & Utilities or Chemicals, we are all facing the same fundamental business issues.

  • How do we deliver the safest products on a global basis – using standardized processes, meeting regulatory guidelines, ensuring worker safety and monitoring quality through the entire supply chain?
  • How do we employ the most sustainable processes in our business – reducing energy usage, reducing waste and employing more automation?
  • How do we do all this and still remain profitable – making better use of all our resources, having more harmonized processes, mitigating risks while continuously looking for process improvements?

It is not enough to just do the things listed here. You also need systems to continuously track, monitor, measure, analyzeThermoScientific_GeneralLogo_red-Bk.JPG and report on all of these activities as well. This is where Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager™ comes in. It is already the most widely deployed LIMS around the world and with each new version we are adding a host of new functionality that will be invaluable to your users, your IT staff, and your senior management.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right LIMS for Your Lab!

LIMS.jpgOur traditional LIMS product... utilizes Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager™. Our LIMS Specialist have the know how to configure & implement a LIMS solution that meets your real-world needs. READ MORE teal-arrow.png 

lab_limscribe.jpgOur subscription-based LIMS solution... and is as easy as 1, 2, 3...GO!  Perfect for smaller Labs or smaller budgets, with LIMScribe™ we become your data center. Our responsibilities include all of the requirements, configuration, implementation, support, maintenance, backup and recovery for all system hardware and software. There are no dependencies on internal IT resources.  READ MORE teal-arrow.png

LIMSview_MSO150.png Our Web Portal... provides a platform to display and deliver sample statuses to customers AND provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) or other reports. With myLIMSviewTM™ customers can easily view sample data and monitor sample status via a simple web interface from anywhere across the globe with the click of a button.  READ MORE teal-arrow.png