lamp_bulb_only.pnglamp_letters.pngYou need to spend time running your laboratory. Let us increase efficiency and maximize your laboratory's LIMS investment.

If you've ever done it yourself, you know managing the day-to-day complexities of laboratory-critical software systems can place a burden on already strained Laboratory resources. Imagine leaving the responsibilities of LIMS administration to the people who know it best--the same experts who know and understand your laboratory. That's where Labtopia comes in.



Let LAMP light the path to a more efficient laboratory. LAMP is a subscription based support service giving you direct access to the LIMS experts at Labtopia. Services include:

folder_2_.png  multiple25.png  Add a User, Group, or Role
 folder_2_.png globe41.png  Training via Webex
folder_2_.png note62.png  Technical Writing - Operating Procedures for LIMS and other Technical Writing
  settings-work-tool.png  Static Data Setup - Instruments, Analysis, Sample Point, MLP & Training Courses
  businessmen-exchange.png  Audit Trail Management
  menu.png  Menu Modifications
  folder_1_.png  Explorer Folder Management
  face-of-a-dog-with-sleepy-eyes_1_.png  Watchdog Timer


A More Efficient Laboratory Awaits

Learn how LAMP can light the way to your more efficient laboratory.

Yes, contact me with more information on how LAMP can light the way to a more efficent laboratory!