Thermo Scientific LIMS: A Solution for Water and Environmental Testing Laboratories

Improving Regulatory Compliance Management by Utilizing Informatics to Support your Processes

As a business servicing the Environmental and Water & Wastewater public sector needs, we understand that our customers are all facing the same fundamental issues.

  • How do we deliver accurate, consistent, and traceable results – using standardized processes that meet regulatory guidelines, ensure public safety and monitor quality throughout the entire sampling, testing, and reporting process?
  • How do we employ the most sustainable and efficient processes in our business – reducing labor intensive procedures and waste, while increasing automation?
  • How do we do all this and still remain profitable – making better use of all our resources, having more harmonized processes, mitigating risks while continuously looking for process improvements?

This is where Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS comes in. It is already the most widely deployed LIMS around the world and with our new Water and Environmental solution, we’ve added comprehensive ISO 17025 and NELAC compliant functionality that will be invaluable to your laboratory personnel, your quality assurance group, and your customers.

“A safe and secure supply of drinking water is essential to ensuring public and environmental health in every community.”
US EPA, Investing in a Sustainable Future DWSRF Annual Report

The Safe Drinking Water Act empowers the US EPA to specify the legal limits for levels of contaminants in drinking water. The EPA additionally determines the water testing methods and sampling schedules that water providers must follow but has reported that a significant challenge exists with a deteriorating water supply infrastructure.

The demands upon the nation’s water resources have increased significantly over the last half century, and now the drinking water supply systems support over 240 million customers. With an aging water infrastructure, it has been recognized that investment is required to upgrade facilities and increase efficiency by reducing water loss, while ensuring consumer safety.

The EPA’s Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment report, released in 2009, found that an estimated $334.8 billion would need to be invested between 2007 and 2027 in order to continue to provide safe drinking water to the public.

As a result, significant increases in funding are available to replace and update facilities across the country and, at the same time, the US EPA has also increased the funding for regulatory surveillance of the 100+ water contaminants for which mandatory and recommended limits have been established.

Pre-Configured for Compliance with Water and Environmental Requirements

As the industry’s leading laboratory information management system, SampleManager LIMS includes a pre-configured, ready-to-use water and environmental sample management system. The Thermo Scientific Water and Environmental LIMS solution has been built on SampleManager and provides you with the latest technology to assist in connecting your lab with the enterprise to help you make faster, more informed decisions at all levels of the organization.

Developed in conjunction with environmental experts for ISO 17025 and NELAC requirements, the solution also has built-in functionality specific for workflows found in water and environmental labs. Pre-defined test methods, batch sequences, regulatory reports, and other templates allow customers to reduce administration overhead, cost, and implementation time. In addition, comprehensive dashboard functionality helps to address the regulatory and operational needs of three distinct but interrelated parts of your laboratory’s business – your personnel, your quality assurance group, and your customer.

For more information and a list of Key Features and Benefits, please download our Thermo Scientific LIMS: A Solution for Water and Environmental Testing Laboratories PDF here.