Since inception, Labtopia has provided quality assurance and quality control support solutions to technology-based organizations in manufacturing environments, commercial and captive laboratories and government facilities. Our experience across multiple industries allows us to provide “best practice” solutions for each organization. Labtopia serves various markets within the United States and focus industries include FDA and EPA regulated environments such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical device and water and environmental. Labtopia is knowledgeable to the unique regulatory and industry requirements each industry faces and provides a diverse set of solutions within each market. No matter what market you are in you will receive the same quality, support, and assurance that Labtopia was founded on. Whether you are looking for LIMS, training, or staff, we have you covered!

Our U.S. focus industries include:

In addition to Labtopia’s national market, Labtopia provides regional scientific staffing services to the technology-based industries of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Labtopia supports oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical plants, environmental, medical device, pharmaceutical, excipient, and biotechnology industries. Labtopia’s staffing firm is strategically located to provide technology job seekers access to the job markets of the State of Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast Region and thus our clients benefit from receiving the best technical and scientific candidates on the market.