ISO 17034 is the quality assurance standard that specifies requirements for the competence and consistent operation of reference material producers. Though previously outlined in ISO Guide 34:2009, the minimum requirements of ISO 17034 were developed by the International Organization for Standardization Committee on Reference Materials and is used by accreditation bodies for the third-party assessment of reference material producers. 

Why should my business use ISO 17034?

Businesses that produce reference materials (RMs) and or certified reference materials (CRMs) that also want to demonstrate competence to clients and the industry comply with the ISO 17034 international standard. Accreditation to the ISO 17034 standard ensures all business processes including production, labelling, and assignment of property values to reference materials are following international guidelines.

What are the benefits of using ISO 17034?

As many quality management standards ensure detailed and accurate data, ISO 17034 also ensures this through carefully monitored business systems. Systems monitored for quality and increasing reliable results ratio ensure companies that they are increasing revenue while avoiding unnecessary operational costs. Along with generated revenue from reduced costs and increased business efficiency, becoming ISO 17034 certified can help gain business in the consumer market against competitors. Laboratories that are ISO 17025 accredited rely on ISO 17034 accredited CRM/RM producers for their primary standards used in calibration.  Being accredited by ISO 17034 puts producers in the forefront with other accredited laboratories. Accreditation with the internationally recognized standard gives businesses respected reputations as their high-quality business practices are proven amongst auditors, regulatory departments, and industry leaders.

Is ISO 17034 required by any regulations or standards?

Demonstration of technical competence or reference material producers is a basic requirement for ensuring the quality of the produced materials. Ensuring produced data and quality reference materials has become a necessity in both scientific and technological disciplines as the industry pushes for improved precision of measuring equipment and the requirement for more accurate and reliable data. Though no regulations outline a stringent requirement for ISO 17034, businesses wanting to show strong competency to clients adopt the international quality standard of ISO 17034.

How Can Labtopia help reference material manufactures comply with ISO 17034?

Labtopia services to aid businesses with ISO 17034 include:

  • ISO 17034 Internal Auditor Training
  • ISO 17034 Overview Training
  • Risk Based Thinking Training
  • Preventative / Corrective Action Training
  • Root Cause Analysis Training
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Accreditation Audit Support
  • Corrective Action Support
  • Management Review Facilitation
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Improvement
  • SOP Drafting

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