Project Management

In managing organizational projects, the applications of processes, skills, knowledge, and experiences are used to meet outlined objectives set with time and monetary restraints. Appropriate and well executed project management allows for final deliverables that meet all outlined goals and stay within the scope of work and budget. 


Identifying, analyzing, and selecting appropriate stakeholders is a crucial part to the success of organizational projects. Stakeholders directly involved, those with interests that are affected, and departments affected by the results of the project will all need to be identified correctly and have roles within the project management process. Being thorough in the selection of stakeholders for the team can ensure that requirements and deliverables are met with the overall goal. Having relevant stakeholders work on the project and holding project status meetings keeps a focus on the end goal while also making sure stakeholder needs are met during the course of the project. Once stakeholders are selected, setting participation expectations as well as communicating effectively will ensure projects set a foundation for success.

 Importance of Planning, Requirements Gathering and Creating a Project Plan

Before the project begins, team organizers will need to create boundaries for which the project is to follow. The planning process gives definition and scope to the project and must be curated with care in order to achieve the desired final outcome of the project successfully.  

Initial planning should include requirements gathering.  All stakeholders of the project should be involved in the requirements gathering process ensuring input on all aspects of the business that will be impacted by the project.  Requirements gathering brings both vision and scope to the project providing realistic expectations to stakeholders. From the requirements gathering a project plan and scope of work can be created. Project plans organize and spread the work to appropriate stakeholders, it is an importance reference for the team, and can also aid with team communication.

 How can Labtopia help you stay within scope and budget on your next project?

Laboratory Operations

  • Team comprised of former Chemists, LIMS Analysts, QA/QC Managers
  • Over 50+ years Team Lab Experience: Bench to Management
  • Experts in ISO & GMP Based Laboratory Environments

Project Management

  • Enterprise/Multi-Site/Multi-Region LIMS Implementation
  • PMP Trained, ASQ Certified CQA Project Managers
  • Manage Quality Implementation Projects:

Industry Experience

  • 3rd Party Auditors: ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, NELAP
  • Certified Drinking Water Officer Training
  • Environmental Laboratory (CLP, DOD, and EPA)
  • 3rd Party Auditors: IPEC, cGMP, cGLP
  • HACCP, SQF, ISO 22000, Food


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