ISO 17025 is the quality management system and the international standard for testing and calibration facilities. Regardless of the number of personnel, this standard is applicable to all businesses offering testing or calibration services.  It shows competency in producing defensible and accurate test results and data. 

Why should my business utilize ISO 17025?

ISO 17025 is a globally accepted quality standard. The stringent requirements of ISO 17025 prove that companies are competent and capable to provide the services they offer. Routine assessments of accredited facilities ensure the laboratory is adhering to their quality commitments through their accreditation.

What are the benefits of using ISO 17025?

As many quality management standards, ISO 17025 ensures efficient and accurate processes for sample and/or instruments. Frequent system monitoring allows for companies to increase revenue while avoiding unnecessary operational costs. Becoming ISO 17025 accredited brings a competitive edge to businesses as this standard is not required by most industries that utilize it. Accreditation to the internationally recognized standard gives businesses highly respectable reputations as their high-quality business practices are proven amongst auditors, regulatory departments, and industry leaders.  

Is ISO 17025 required by any regulations or standards?

Though the ISO 17025 standard is not required by testing and calibration laboratories, accreditation brings higher quality data and opportunities. ISO 17025 is used to ensure data consistency across laboratories locally, nationally, and globally. For this reason, accredited laboratories primarily use other accredited calibration and testing laboratories for data ensuring customer satisfaction. Acquiring ISO 17025 accreditation opens laboratories to more business opportunities with other accredited laboratories and clients.  

How can Labtopia Help You Maintain or Become ISO 17025 Accredited?

Labtopia services to aid businesses with ISO 17025 include:

  • ISO 17025:2017 Internal Auditor Training
  • ISO 17025:2017 Overview Training
  • Risk Based Thinking Training
  • Preventative / Corrective Action Training
  • Root Cause Analysis Training
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Accreditation Audit Support
  • Corrective Action Support
  • Management Review Facilitation
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Improvement
  • SOP Drafting 

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