Labtopia Informatix is a woman owned small business, based in Houston, TX.  Labtopia Informatix provides our clients with domain expertise in the deployment of systems subject to ISO-9000, ISO-17025, ISO-13485, ISO-17034, Environmental, NELAC, DOD QSM, FDA GMP/GLP compliance. Labtopia Informatix has developed industry specific LIMS functionality that allows organizations to improve efficiency and standardize their methodology driving productivity within their laboratories.

Labtopia Informatix’ certified assessors have a deep understanding of the requirements of laboratories and serve not only as auditors to multiple agencies but also as advisors to hundreds of laboratories world-wide.  This extensive knowledge of quality, regulatory, and operational requirements is incorporated into all Labtopia’s LIMS implementation projects, making the transition to LIMS a seamless process.  The resulting output is a LIMS system that is functional, cost-effective, and fulfills all business and regulatory compliance requirements. 

A collaboration with Labtopia Informatix will include working with Laboratory Professionals that are knowledgeable about operations and requirements within multiple industries including Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Specialty Chemical, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Environmental.  The Labtopia Informatix team has a unique combination of laboratory know-how, translation of laboratory needs into requirements and implementation targets, project management, and LIMS design and configuration that will prove to be an invaluable resource to your laboratory during the implementation of LIMS.


Labtopia Informatix Services include:

Turn-key solutions to the LIMS selection process providing you with everything you need to select the perfect LIMS for your Lab.

  • Business Process Flowcharts (“as-is” and “to-be”)
  • User and Functional Requirements (URS/FRS)
  • Creation and Submission of RFP to List of Vendors
  • Initial Evaluation of Vendor Response (Evaluation 1 – Cost/Requirements)
  • Creation of Demo Script
  • Creation of Evaluation Criteria for the LIMS Team
  • Submission of Demo Script to Top Vendors (Vendors from Evaluation 1)
  • Management and Evaluation of Demonstrations based on the Demo Script
  • Scoring for Team Review
  • Compilation of all Evaluation Data and Costs
  • Notification of Selected Vendor


Labtopia’s LIMS Solutions:

  • LIMScribe - A LIMS Subscription Solution
    • Drastically reduces the time required to deploy a full system
    • No waiting on hardware to be ordered, set up, or configured
    • No dependencies on internal IT resources
  • LIMSview – A Customer Portal for the Laboratory
    • Customers can easily upload samples through LIMSview™
    • Sample labels, shipping labels and COCs can be printed directly from the portal
    • Once samples are submitted by the customer, Laboratory staff can view samples in LIMS that are in route
    • Customers can view the status of their samples 24/7 from any device
    • Sample statuses are pushed automatically from LIMS at your customer's designated frequency
    • When authorized, reports are delivered directly from LIMS to your customers inbox 
  • LIMS Administration Management Program – Labtopia’s Team of Experts serves as your LIMS Administrator providing support to address LIMS configurations and customizations that is in current use by the business. These support services may include, but are not limited to:
    • Troubleshooting Workflows, Lifecycle and Entity Template Management
    • Troubleshooting custom views, tables, fields, formulas, calculations.
    • Training on SampleManager functionality via web-based client meetings.
    • Technical Writing (operating procedures for LIMS and other technical writing).
    • Static Data Setup (i.e. adding a new instrument, analysis, sample point, location, MLP, training courses)
    • Audit Trail Management
    • Menu Modifications
    • Explorer Folder Management
    • Support on existing customizations in Viridis’ system (if applicable)
    • Watchdog Timer


Operational Efficiency Assessments

  • Efficiency and Productivity Studies
  • Identify “As-Is” core business processes, and determine areas of redundancy, manual operations, and data fragmentation
  • Assess common areas of the Lab for improved performance and cost savings:
  • Identify pain points
  • Recommend improvements to core business processes (“To-Be”) to optimize the use of resources and identify where technology or other solutions may support these new processes
  • Removal of “Silo” processes from within the organization
  • Recommendations for quality system implementation


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