Labtopia works with all stakeholders in the Lab to define the current state of your business processes. From this assessment we develop a comprehensive vision and recommendations for improvements to core business processes.

The goals and objectives achieved with Labtopia’s Operational Efficiency Assessment include:

  • Efficiency and Productivity Studies
  • Identify “As-Is” core business processes, and determine areas of redundancy, manual operations, and data fragmentation
  • Assess common areas of the Lab for improved performance and cost savings:
    • Sample Turn-Around-Time
    • Technician Training and Proficiency
    • Instrument Performance
    • Supply Management 
    • Evaluation of Risks & Costs of Third-Party Testing
  • Define identify pain points and define problem statement
  • Recommend improvements to core business processes (“To-Be”) to optimize the use of resources and identify where technology or other solutions may support these new processes
  • Removal of “Silo” processes from within the organization
  • Recommendations for quality system implementation
    • Gap Assessment (if needed)

Deliverables include:

  • Business Process Improvement Plan
    • Business Process Flowcharts (“as-is” and “to-be”)
    • Matrix of Opportunities for Improvement 
      • Prioritized based on cost and ease of implementation
  • Workshops with Key Stakeholders
  • Coaching and Training
  • Presentations to Management


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