Easily Manage Batches in SampleManager™ LIMS

Preparation and batch worksheets can be generated in SampleManager™ by sample or by analysis. Spiked samples, recoveries and surrogates can all be managed through the Batch Management functionality in SampleManager™. SampleManager™ is also capable of linking preparation and analytical batches. SampleManager™ batches are created according to parameters and criteria set in the batch template used during batch creation.  This feature is utilized to control batch analysis ID, sample assignment, and the other associated fields assigned to the batch header.  In the templates, the batch control can be defined as well as the sequence of the batch run.

Batch Management in SampleManager

The batch management utility allows automatic or interactive sample assignment.  

SampleManager™ also allows the user to create batches with the use of “swapper boxes”.  Once the batch template has been imported, the samples can be moved to the batch. 

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