Course Overview:

This highly participative course provides comprehensive instruction on auditing management and technical requirements based on the ISO 17025:2017. Through practical workshops, case studies, and simulated assessments you will develop an understanding of how the new requirements will affect your organization and your audits. The training will teach process-based audit skills, which are useful in internal and external audits. Additionally, by using real-world audit situations, you will practice your auditing skills and techniques to help you fully understand the requirements of auditing to the ISO 17025:2017 standard.  

Student Prerequisites

Each student must have working knowledge of ISO 17025:2017 prior to attending the course. 

Please bring a copy of the standard with you to the class in order to receive course materials.

Key Session Topics:

  • Management System Requirements Overview – This class will be taught based on assessing the requirements in Option A. 
  • The Audit Program and Team
  • Audit Types & Techniques
  • Four Phases of the Audit Process
  • Methods for improving communication skills
  • Constructing an audit program and the use of audit checklists
  • Writing effective corrective actions
  • Reporting audit findings and conclusions
  • Overview of ISO 17025:2017 Technical Requirements (Sections 4 through 7)
  • Auditing technical methods

Question & Answer Time "Ask the Assesor"

  • Gain insight and best practice advice and tips

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for planning and scheduling an internal audit program for ISO 17025, those who must perform audits to ISO 17025, quality assurance managers, quality assurance professionals, ISO project managers and team members.  This course is also acceptable for all laboratory staff who participate in the operation of the laboratory quality system including: conducting testing or calibration, supporting laboratory activities, managing the laboratory quality system, training laboratory staff, managing the laboratory.