Staffing Agency Intern Program Benefits 

Staffing your organization can be a daunting task and the current workforce trends and difficulties can add to that workload. Additionally, your organization may look for interns during key points of the year. All the same work for short-term positions can be hard to justify or fit into your lab’s capabilities depending on the circumstances. Labtopia’s Staffing division can take these formidable tasks off your hands and provide multiple services to help your organization save resources and time while staffing varying positions including interns.  

What is an Intern Staffing Program 

Opening up an Intern program can offer a multitude of opportunities and benefits for employers and businesses. The program is structured to hire typically recent graduates or individuals with little to no industry experience on a limited-time basis within your business. Internships can take on administrative tasks and beyond, opening up time for full-time staff to focus on other items. These new individuals can also bring new perspectives and ideas with fresh eyes and minds. Along with the new perspectives and low levels of industry experience employers can train these individuals to best suit their organization and seek potential long-term employment with them. Like a trial run for the hiring team, having a program designed for finding and hiring interns can be beneficial on a multitude of levels.  


Why use Labtopia Staffing? 

Labtopia’s Staffing can provide multiple services to aid your organization in its intern staffing needs. Not only do we have a pool of screened intern candidates, but we can also provide further aid in the candidate search and selection process with a concise qualified system of parameters catered towards finding qualified candidates. Once an intern(s) is chosen, Labtopia can also handle payroll and onboarding processes, leaving you more time for any other new hire preparation. That includes onboarding processeses such as drug screening. Labtopia can take the hassle of drug screening multiple interns off your hands. No need to worry about the small tasks that can add up quickly with every intern. Our staffing division is fully focused on the success of the filled positions you ask for. Utilizing the qualified staffing team available can also save you the time and resources of training and hiring our staffing team to ensure the best possible candidates and new hires.  


How to Get Started 

If you are ready to make your intern hiring process more efficient and save you time and money, contact us today. Our Account Managers can show you our available services and work with you to best match our available intern candidates to your current staffing needs. Don’t wait, graduation is coming, so let's get your intern opportunities ready for candidates and fulfillment!  

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