When considering both today's workload and tomorrow's workforce, participating in an internship program is an excellent way to facilitate immediate and future success within your company.

Summer Internships

  • Find future employees:

With the inevitability of baby boomers retiring, now is the perfect time to start training staff to fill the lower level positions that become available after internal promotions occur.

  • “Try out” candidate:

The best part of buying a new car is the test drive! You get a chance to try something out before fully committing. Internships are great for “trying out” an employee without having the obligation of a full-time commitment.

  • Increase productivity of senior staff:

With a spare set of hands around to perform lower level tasks, senior level employees have time to concentrate on the more arduous tasks.

  • Increase employee retention rate:

Most college graduates are unsure of what they want to do when they graduate due to lack of industry experience. Through internship programs, candidates can get a feel for the environment and work load.

  • Enhance perspective:

Having a millennial onboard can be very beneficial. A fresh set of eyes and hands in a stagnant setting can spark innovation and productivity.

  • Low cost labor:

Hiring a full-time employee may not be in the budget, but a temporary internship can be an inexpensive solution. The student has access to real-time industry experience at a much lower cost to the employer.

  • Community outreach:

Internships provide a way to improve community relations by helping to shape the young minds of today into our future coworkers of tomorrow!

The most effective way to plan for a better future is to be proactive today. Don't miss out on some of the great catches we have in our candidate pool!