Empower Customers & Increase Efficiency

With LIMSview™ Plus+ it's easy to empower customers with complete sample management capabilities - from test request and sample submission to sample status updates and report delivery. All while saving laboratory staff time & resources...it's a Win-Win!

Sample Submission

Customers can easily upload samples through LIMSview™ Plus+. Sample labels, shipping labels and COCs can be printed directly from the portal. Once samples are submitted by the customer, Laboratory staff can view samples in LIMS that are in route.

Sample Status & Report Delivery

Customers can view the status of their samples 24/7 from any device. Sample statuses are pushed automatically from LIMS at your customer's designated frequency. When authorized, reports are delivered directly from LIMS to your customers inbox.

Does Not Use LIMS Licenses

LIMSview Plus+ does not require (or use) any of your LIMS licenses making LIMSview Plus+ an extremely cost-effective solution.

Explore the Awesomeness

Hosted or On-Premise

LIMSview Plus+ can be hosted in Labtopia's secure data center allowing for ease of deployment without the need for IT personnell or additonal hardware. On-premise deployment options are also available and allow for unlimited customer users.

Configured to Your Laboratory

LIMSview™ Plus+ can be integrated with your website and branded with your logo. Fields, analysis/component lists, and prices can be customized per customer. Custom dashboards with your sample & customer field criteria allow customers to quickly and easily manage and track samples.

Simple Interface

LIMSview has a simple interface makeing it easy for customers to use and navigate. Fields are mapped to LIMS job orders allowing Lab staff to see incoming samples. Once samples arrive at the Lab they are processed in LIMS as usual. There are no extra steps for the Lab.