Big or Small- We Can Manage Them All! Managing Projects Effectively - Basics of project management; learn the tools to get a project on track and how to work with the team to get goals accomplished.

Coaching for Excellence - For managers and supervisors...skills for coaching subordinates to excellence.

Creativity Unleashed - Learn to apply creativity to work situations.

De-Stress and Stretch – Examine your stress profile, a plan for de-stressing, and yoga for the workplace.

Fables and Fairy Tales - Applying lessons from fairy tales and fables to work place situations.

The Glass is Half Full! Shifting Perception to Achieve Results

Improving Your Business Writing Skills - Get organized and maintain clarity.

Let's Be the One to Get it Done! - Motivating Ourselves and Others.

Mind Stretchers...Critical Thinking Skills for Every Day Life!

Maintaining Incredible Focus and Concentration - Techniques for overcoming distractions, regaining focus and increasing productivity.

Manage with a Focus on Strengths!

Peer Today...Boss TomorrowFEATURED AT GCC!

Presentation Skills for Out of the Box (and this World!) Presentations

Successful Risk Taking at Work

Building Up!...Team Building FEATURED AT GCC!

The Other Part off Your Job...Dealing with Personalities, Egos & Politics

Understanding and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Tough Talks - Learn techniques for making difficult conversations easy!

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