This workshop presents practical roadmaps for holding difficult conversations.  Workshops are divided into two categories – for management issues and dealing with co-workers.  Participants will walk away with a step by step approach to these difficult conversations.

Lecture will be supplemented with classroom exercises and games to strengthen the participant’s understanding of the methods presented. 

Key Session Topics:

  • Planning difficult conversations
  • Practicing difficult conversation
  • Communication skills to enhance work team productivity

(Example topics to be examined) -  

Dealing with supervisors/managers –

i.e. Asking for a deadline extension, help with workload, additional responsibilities, someone to become a mentor, warning boss of customer or client problems, telling boss someone took credit for your idea, complaining about superior’s behavior

Dealing with subordinates –

i.e. Criticizing their work, giving a negative performance review, offering constructive feedback, putting an end to gossiping, handling their telephone use, stopping backstabbing among subordinates, dealing with brownnosing, addressing attitude

Dealing with co-workers –

i.e. asking peer to pull own weight, suggesting better hygiene, asking co-worker to stop gossiping, asking a peer to cover for you while on vacation, confronting dishonest behavior

Who Should Attend:

Anyone that is having difficulty addressing tough issues with co-workers or subordinates and desires a plan to handle the conversations.