In this course, participants will learn techniques to effectively organize their presentations, focus on the audience and their objectives, keep the audience engaged and develop a back-up plan for possible problems and mishaps.  At the end of the class, they will walk away with a completed presentation and ideas to enhance their future presentations.

Lecture will be supplemented with classroom exercises to strengthen the participant’s understanding of the methods presented.  Participants will present a ten minute talk on a topic of their choice.

Key Session Topics:

  • Organization techniques
  • The audience and their objectives
  • Techniques to catch the audience's attention and keep it throughout a presentation
  • Creative techniques to present ideas
  • Handling problems
  • Powerpoint Tips

Who Should Attend:

Anyone that makes presentations from an audience of one to a formal presentation to hundreds or more.  This course is geared toward the inexperienced presenter but is an excellent refresher course for the experienced presenter as all will walk away with creative ideas to apply to their presentations.