1. Prepare for the interview by confirming all the arrangements such as the date, time and who you will be speaking with.
  2. Research the job and the company so you will be prepared to discuss the organization and your role.
  3. Practice so you will have an idea of what you will say to likely interview questions.
  4. Use a quite, comfortable and private space. Make sure you do all you can to eliminate background noise.
  5. Have your resume in clear view.
  6. Have note pad and pen ready for note taking.
  7. Turn off call waiting on your phone and if possible use a landline.
  8. Avoid casual phone habits, make sure you don't smoke, eat or drink while on the phone.
    1. Project positively by smiling
    2. Speak slowly and clearly; annunciate
    3. Don't speak in run on sentences...this will allow the interviewer to interject or ask questions.
    4. Answer the question first (yes/no) , and then provide reasons for your answer.
    5. Us the persons title, (Mr., Ms. or Dr.) unless you are given to permission to use their first name.
  9. When concluding thank the interviewer and ask what the next step in the process will be.
  10. Send a thank you note after every interview.