Labtopia is a full service staffing and recruiting firm, specializing in Technical and Scientific Staffing Solutions. Labtopia is comprised of former Laboratory and Quality Directors with experience in managing QA/QC systems and directing bench activities in regulated environments. We know the challenges that face your organization when it comes to hiring the right people, and we can help you find the perfect person, with the skill set you need, and personal attributes to fit your organization's culture.

We offer highly qualified candidates and have a large, pre-qualified candidate pool.  We have tested their skills, documented and verified their credentials and work experience, interviewed them, and checked backgrounds and references. 

Payroll Services

Labtopia's Payroll Services are a great way to bring in extra staff and help, or experiment with a new role without long-term commitment or the risk and expense of bringing them on your payroll. Labtopia pays all employees weekly, pays all payroll takes, workers comp, and unemployment insurance, and provides benefits - health insurance, paid holidays and paid time-off. 

What is Included? 

  • Employee’s Pay Rate
  • Employee's Federal Taxes and State Taxes (if required)
  • Employee’s Benefit Program (based on milestones of employment)
    • Health Insurance 
    • Paid Holidays
    • Paid Time Off
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Liability Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Candidate Pre-Screening Assessments
  • Custom Job Questionnaires
  • Background Check
  • Drug Screening 
  • On-line Time Keeping System
  • Employees Paid Weekly (based on hours approved by client)
  • Direct Deposit

Labtopia's Team of Recruiters specializes in recruiting for temporary and long-term projects. Our Recruiters filter, package, and deliver only the most qualified and desirable candidates for your consideration. 

Learn how Labtopia Staffing can help you build the perfect team!