Happy_Father_s_Day.jpgDads are strong. They love you to the ends of the earth, will make sure your parachute is loaded correctly, hold your hand and tell you to JUMP!

At the time Dad told me to "jump" or "do this" or "do that", I thought to myself "ARE YOU NUTS?!" Though they might seem crazy, what are they teaching us? Trust yourself, take risks, and know you are capable. And that's just the start of what they do for us.

Your fathers will tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it. This father deserves an all time award sharedLinkedIn.jpg via LinkedIn. Who doesn't love a father able to review his daughter's LinkedIn profile and make sure she is spelling her name correctly later in life? (Dad, call me if this ever happens).

My 5 year old son loves to "win" over my husband and my father.  Why?  They are the Kings of the world!  They possess such an inner power, so much wisdom and intelligence.  What greater medal of honor can a young boy have than to attempt to dethrone a powerful person?!  It gives him the ability to say "I can be as smart, as wise, and as agile as this great man!"  Even the 5 year-old can sense it.

To all of those dads out there . . . we cherish you.  For all that hard-love, hard-knocks, and heart-to-hearts, we would not be the same without you.  You are our parachutes.