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#Staffing TIP
Dressing for an interview is key to success. If you have an interview at a manufacturing site – always prepare! Ask about safety requirements and documentation needed prior to the interview. You may be required to wear long sleeves, safety glasses, proper footwear, or other safety equipment. A good recruiter helps you be successful!
#Quality TIP
Proper record keeping is key for a well implemented quality system. More audit findings occur if records have obliterations or write-overs. Record Keeping is among the top 3 findings/Non-Conformances for Internal Audits.
#Training TIP
To better develop an understanding of how regulatory requirements will affect your organization and your audits, use a workshop approach to include case studies and simulated assessments. Using real-world audit situations, allows employees to practice their auditing skills and techniques and helps them to fully understand the requirements of auditing to the standard.