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  • Managed and produced global marketing initiatives and programs which drive sales, business development, lead generation, and sales for industries such as Laboratory Services (Testing, Analysis, Outsourcing), Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Materials Analysis and Life Sciences.

  • Top 10% sales producer, Sales President's Club 3 Times, Rookie of the Year, amongst many other recognitions.

  • Part of global team growing the core divisional revenue 362%, since 2000, while growing new and ancillary businesses 416%, all by 2014.

  • Superior quality lead generation performance and success.

  • Hands-on internet marketing work generated over 5,000 quality leads a month for various business lines, including over 2,000+ quality leads a month to the core business line which was supported.

  • Conservatively generate over $20m USD a year in new business at superior profit margins, not counting repeat business from previously established accounts and projects.

  • Expert in Web and Search Engine Marketing for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Lead Generation, Content, Conversions, Web Analytics, Content, etc.

  • Enquiry Center and CRM Launch, Management, Support & Optimization abilities.

  • Conference, Trade Show, Advertising, Email, PR, Social Media Expertise.

  • Ability to accomplish much with limited resources.

  • Salary Requirements are dependent on commission structures.

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