There are alot of questions regarding transitioning to the TNI 2016 standard and although we may not have all of the answers, we do have a few. Here are 3 answers to 3 questions you may have about the new standard! If you are looking for more information about transitioning to TNI 2016 click on the link below the image.

Where are the changes in the TNI 2016 standard? They're everywhere. The 2016 standard is notably different then it's 2009 counterpart. The most notable changes occur in the realm of protozoan PT, radiochemistry, and WET. What's different about ABs under TNI 2016? The definition of an AB has completely changed with TNI 2016. The abilities and roles of both primary and secondary accreditation bodies have changed as well. Have there been any major changes as of the new standard? In short, yes. Volume 3 has seen the most change with TNI 2016. Appendix A has been removed and the entire volume has been revised to match the ISO/IEC 17043 standard.

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