As we bring out the hot dogs, hamburgers and potato chips and celebrate our nation's heroes this weekend, we take a moment to honor those who upheld one of the most important jobs in our nation . . . protecting our freedoms and liberties. 

Though we understand our military protects us, have you ever seen their job description?  How would you feel to apply to a job like these?

Enlisted personnel - Basic Job Duties:

  • Participate in, or support, combat and other military operations, such as humanitarian or disaster relief
  • Operate, maintain, and repair equipment
  • Perform technical and support activities
  • Supervise junior enlisted personnel

Officers - Basic Job Duties:

  • Plan, organize, and lead troops and activities in military operations
  • Manage enlisted personnel
  • Operate and command aircraft, ships, or armored vehicles
  • Provide military personnel with professional services in medical, legal, engineering, and other fields

As we apply, search and seek positions with job descriptions like “assist other team members” and “perform necessary duties as assigned”, we thank you, the military, for agreeing to “support humanitarian or disaster relief” or “lead troops into military operations”. 

 I think I will gratefully go back to filing those reports . . .