Happy Protect Your Groundwater Day! This day in September is dedicated to the conservation, protection, and improvement of groundwater. Annually recognizing this day also promotes the proper yearly maintenance and testing required to ensure the quality of groundwater. With or without owning a well water system, there are actions everyone can do to protect and conserve the groundwater of our communities.

Here is what anyone can do to protect and conserve groundwater:

Prevent Water Waste: Watch out for any leaky faucets in your home that can lead to large amounts of water being wasted over a period of time. Also, turn off faucets while shaving or brushing your teeth. If you find yourself waiting for your water temperature to become hot or cold, try filling a pitcher with the water to use for other necessities like watering plants. Another way to ensure no water is wasted is to make sure when washing clothes or dishes all washes are full loads maximizing the utility with the resource.

Be Mindful of Chemicals: When using materials or substances that can be potentially toxic like paints or certain cleaners, be sure to read directions and dispose of them properly. Some communities may even have household collection bins designated for the pickup of hazardous materials, so be sure to check to see if these services are available to you. You can also try to decrease your overall chemical use as well. Instead of store-bought cleaners, try using natural or nontoxic substances such as vinegar and baking soda to name a few.

Be In the Know: Take note of your outside water use. What plants do you have? How much water do you use to upkeep your yard? Being knowledgeable about your outside water use and taking steps to only use what you need is just as important as your inside use. Being knowledgeable about your city and community water system is also a great way to help with conservation and protection. Knowing is half the battle!

Recommended Yearly Maintenance and Testing to Protect Your Own Groundwater as a Well-Owner

For those who own their own well water system, there are yearly test recommendations to ensure the maintenance and safety of your groundwater. Yearly tests recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) include nitrates, pH levels, total coliform bacteria, and total dissolved solids. Well-owners should also "Be in the Know" of mandated testing for identified impurities in their state of residence. Disinfection and testing are also recommended following any groundwater disrupting events such as replacing a system piece or severe weather. EPA provides more specific steps on inspecting, disinfecting, and testing for well-owners to follow in its short guide "What to do After the Flood".  For any yearly test or an immediate quality check test, seek out a certified water testing lab recognized by the EPA. To search for an accredited laboratory in your area go to https://lams.nelac-institute.org/Search

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