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Sample Status & Reporting Made Simple
With LIMSview™ it's easy to provide access to data that your customers need and want all while saving laboratory staff time & resources...it's a Win-Win!
Sample Status Updates
Automated sample status updates at your customer's designated frequency.
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Reports & Certificates of Analysis
Reports & COAs delivered to your customer's inbox as soon as they are released.
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Security You Can Trust
SSL technology & encryption ensures client data & login credentials are secure.
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Works With Any LIMS
Compatible & configurable with any commercial off-the-shelf or custom built LIMS.
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No LIMS...No Problem
Easily upload any file type such as Excel, CSV, PDF, Word, Text, Image files, and more.
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Explore the Awesomeness
With LIMSview™ customers can easily access sample data & monitor sample status via a simple web interface from one virtual location.
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