“The LIMS implemented successfully in a lab similar to mine will work well in my lab.”

Preconfigured Systems May Work

Many LIMS systems are preconfigured for a certain industry or certain type of laboratory. These systems may require less configuration however they don’t offer much flexibility either.  Pre-configured systems rarely work unless the Lab is following standard methods. Even if standard methods are being followed, many times the Lab must change and conform its business processes to align with the LIMS because the capability to configure or customize the LIMS to fit the business processes of the Lab is either non-existent or too expensive.

Similar is not Identical

No two Labs are identical even within the same organization.  To utilize the exact same LIMS, the business processes of each Lab must align in the “To Be” state. It is important to understand & evaluate those differences during multi-site deployments.  Differences in processes between Labs will require additional configuration and possibly customization.

To Avoid this LIMS Project Pitfall Remember:

  • Research the “successful case”
  • Pre-configured systems may work
    • Typically industry-specific
    • Rarely work unless Lab is following standard methods
    • Offer less flexibility
    • Lab may have to conform its business processes to the LIMS
  • No two labs are identical – even in the same organization
    • Similar is not identical
    • Business processes of all Labs must align in the “To Be” state
    • Differences will result in additional configuration/customization time
    • Understand & evaluate those differences during multi-site deployments


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