Labtopia survived Hurricane Harvey!  Our offices re-opened on Thursday August 31, 2017. 

While some employee's homes were damaged by winds and flooding and some are still without power, overall Labtopia's employees have weathered the storm.  See how Labtopia is working together to come through Harvey even stronger on the other side!

  Michele's view from her new waterfront property!   Michelle Carpenter shows the flooding in her neighborhood from Hurricane Harvey.
  Tamara Perry and her husband Michael use their deuce and half to help transport food, supplies, and water into areas t...   We felt blessed to work alongside the Texas Rangers and such a great group of volunteers!   Our communities are full of Good Samaritans!... risking their own lives and property to help others!   
Jeanne's husband Paul snaps this pic near their home of the US Marine Corps in their Amphibious Assault Vehicles. Grocery lines in League City near Jeanne's home after the storm.
Gabriel Mensingh and his girlfriend Maisey help to clean up her home and community after the storm. Kids being kids at West Ranch Subdivision near Jeanne's home.  Gotta love it!
Gretchen's girls take advantage of some outside time after the storm! Just a sign of God's promise as we prepare for Hurricane Harvey!

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