Day-to-day management of a large software implementation project is a strenuous task.  Adding this responsibility to an already full workload can cause for project delays and missed milestones.  Let Labtopia take the stress out of your implementation through LIMS Project Management services.

The Labtopia Informatix team has a unique combination of laboratory know-how, ISO/TNI requirements, project management, and LIMS design and configuration experience that will prove an invaluable resource during the implementation of a new LIMS system.

Labtopia’s team of certified assessors have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements of laboratories and serve not only as auditors to multiple agencies but also as advisors to certified laboratories.  This extensive knowledge of the quality, regulatory, and operational requirements is incorporated into all Labtopia’s Informatix Support Services, making the transition to your LIMS a seamless process.  The resulting output is a LIMS system that is functional, cost-effective and fulfills all regulatory compliance requirements.

Ease the burden of the implementation and take advantage of Labtopia’s expertise to manage your LIMS roll-out.

LIMS Implementation Project Management Activities:

  • Plan and schedule project deliverables, goals, and milestones for assigned projects
  • Lead key development team meetings and development discussions
  • Coordinate activities of the organization members on the project team and delegate tasks
  • Validate completion of milestones/deliverables
  • Collaborate with all roles within team to ensure completion of milestone/deliverables to meet organizational standards
  • Lead development support teams to drive issues to resolution
  • Manage risk to keep project on track
  • Budget management and project plan management
  • Creation of functional and technical documents
  • Collaboratively work with business, product, and technical teams to support development
  • Provide senior management with continuous assessment of development team progress, as well as risk assessment and recommendations for improvement
  • Schedule internal rollout of application

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