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 The staff at Labtopia, Inc. is excited to announce that our Staffing division has been certified against the ISO 9001:2008 standard, effective January 6th! Labtopia Staffing achieved ISO certification within 6 months of setting the goal and had zero nonconformances during the certification audit! As you know, ISO 9001:2008 is the worldwide standard for certification in Quality Management Systems (QMS). As a function of developing a QMS, Labtopia Staffing was tasked with setting and measuring metrics, with the ultimate goal of delivering a consistent level of service to all of our clients through efficient work processes.


As part of our celebration of this new phase in our development, we would like to highlight ISO For Everyone, a new training seminar created based upon helpful feedback received from our clients. ISO For Everyone has a much broader scope than our Internal Auditor Class; it aims to impart the meaning and importance of the ISO 9001 designation to all levels and types of personnel, both technical and not-so-technical. The inaugural class is scheduled for April 15th and will be taught by one of our co-founders, Gretchen McAuliffe.


In addition to ISO For Everyone, throughout April we will also be offering two of our other very popular quality classes: our Introduction to Root Cause Analysis and Corrective and Preventive Action class on April 30th and the ISO 9001/17025 Internal Auditor Training Class on April 16th-17th. Participants in the ISO 901/17025 Internal Auditor Training Class have the option of adding a 2-3 hour mock audit added to the training course for a additional fee. In addition, make sure you are fully prepared for your next registrar audit by scheduling a Labtopia quality professional to come conduct your independent, internal audit.


Rest assured, Labtopia is diligently working toward completing the ISO certifications for Labtopia Informatix, Labtopia Solutions and Labtopia Training. Stay tuned!


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Don't forget to check out our updated website with exciting additions for our clients, potential clients, candidates and employees:
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Laboratory Controls in the GMP/GLP Environment
Lean Six Sigma Basics
Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow FEATURED AT GCC!
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Team Building FEATURED AT GCC!
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Did you know Labtopia is a full-service provider of solutions for today's laboratories and regulated industries? We offer Staffing/Recruiting, Consulting Services and Informatics Support in addition to Training!

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Labtopia was founded by two quality professionals in 2006 and from day one, the goal was to not only meet clients' expectations, but consistently exceed them. That is what quality means to us. We firmly believe that our dedication to this principle is one of the reasons why our first client is still our client and the majority of our business is from existing clients