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Candidate #49055
5+ years of experience in testing laboratories, Testing experience includes Flash and Viscometer, Great communication and time management skills . . .
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Candidate #47069
BS in Biology with 20+ years of industry experience, Strong background in oil and gas testing, Skilled in HPLC and GC, Very driven and is a reliable employee . . .
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Candidate #48386
Chemical Operations Manager with 25 years of industry experience including cost savings strategies and effective management techniques . . .
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Laboratory Technician 
Candidate #49055
  • 5+ years in testing laboratories
    • Asphalts, toxicology, thermoplastics
  • Responsibilities includes:
    • Lab Manager
    • Lab Technician
  • Testing experience includes:
    • Viscometer, Color Testing, Rheometer, 
    • Flash, Impact testing, GC/MS, LC/MS
  • Great communication and time management skills
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Quality Assurance Chemist 
Candidate #47069
  • BS in Biology with 20+ years of industry experience
    • Oil Field Mud, Completion Fluids, 
      Environmental, Metal and Hydraulics
  • Responsibilities includes:
    • QA Chemist, Analytical Chemist, 
      Lab Coordinator, Lab Technician
  • Instrumentation includes:
    • ICP-MS, XRD, XRF, AA, IC
    • HPLC, GC, UV
  • Very driven and is a reliable employee
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Chemical Operations Manager 
Candidate #48386


  • Experienced Chemical Operations Manager
    • MS Environmental Engineering/ BS Chemical Engineering
    • 20+ years industry experience
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Overseeing plant expansion projects
    • Directing and monitoring plant operations
    • Establishing ISO certifications and 
      leading 5S improvements
    • Managing Supervisors and engineers
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