Every year, many people touch your life in a special way. Some of the most exciting things to experience in life are marriages, births, moves and career changes. They are life changers and are very exciting to be a part of a person’s life when they happen. Imagine being involved in them every day. They are very touching how they happen, and how each person was lead to their opportunity which changed the course of their career.

Every candidate has a beautiful story which leads them to the perfect career move, or even, how they almost missed their next career move. These are the honorable mentions and the winner for 2014.


This guy is one of my favorites. He was an Engineer who wanted to return to Texas. The first client, who had interest in him, flew him in for an Engineering position. After the interview, he was asked where he would like to go to lunch. He could pick the place, obviously within reason. To my surprise, Chad’s response was “What-a-Burger!” For those of you not in Texas, this is a fast food burger joint with many cult followers. If you are addict, you will know. My husband is one of those followers, as I struggle in my marriage to order other burgers on the earth.

Of course, I laughed and said “No, really.” Chad was persistent. He responded “No, I mean it. Since I got the interview, next to the job, that’s all I’ve been thinking about!” You see, he left Texas decades ago, and no burger every satisfied him since then.

When the second client had interest in him, this time it was a Director position. I was so excited for Chad . . . smart man, personable with a lot of talent. He flew in, and yes, I turned into client receipts for the combo #2 with jalapenos for reimbursement. It was great to get a call from a senior leader asking if I turned in the wrong receipt. I said “let me explain . . . “


Sometimes you interview a candidate and immediately you can tell they have a great personality. Phillip is one of those candidates. Phillip went to an interview for an Engineering position with one of my clients. He loved them and they loved him. It was a great combination, and as I frequently state “my reason for getting up in the morning.” When the offer came over, it was just shy of what he was hopeful in the offer. He thought about it, and declined it. It happens.

Sixty days later, Phillip’s company was laying off. Normally, this requires a very bad conversation on my part, but, I called my client on the slight case they still wanted him. To my surprise, my client halted all interviews when they learned he was available, put the same offer on the table, and it was signed two hours later.

Sometimes we actually do get a second chance.


There are candidates whom work with you any time you need them to get the job. Scott is one of those supportive candidates who was so lovely during the hiring process, and stayed calm the entire time.

Scott found himself at the end of the contract due to the NASA downturn. He was looking for that next career move.

It took some time getting the right position, and this happens frequently. So Scott had found himself in a temporary working situation to bridge the gap to the right career move. When I called Scott to state the client still had interest and would now like to move forward, his response was “I have faith in you, and so does my wife.” This was the best compliment and one of the greatest reasons to get up in the morning.

Scott got the job two weeks later.

Winner of 2014: Dan

There is a moment when a candidate places all the cards on the table, and you think “there are a good couple of pairs in this hand, yet no royal flush.” Dan was this candidate. He had to overcome some great odds to hopefully make one of the best career moves of his lifetime.

Dan was amazing. He just wouldn’t quit. When he was asked to complete an item for his candidacy, he did so. And these weren’t small items. His listening abilities, humility, persistence, trustworthy spirit, coupled with a great client, allowed me to do my job to the best of my abilities.

Dan, the client and I worked through every item. After three missteps on his candidacy, he actually got the job. And the client thinks the world of him, and so do I.

Every year, I count my blessing and think of all the people who touched my life. 2014 was so exciting, and can’t wait to meet who may or may not know we will cross paths in 2015.