Implementing Lean in the Laboratory covers the origins of Lean as well as its main principles applied into manufacturing or laboratory settings.  By applying Lean tools the company can reap the benefits of lower costs and labor efficiency. Participants will learn more about several Lean tools that can be applied; Value Stream Mapping, 5S (Sort, Set-up, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), Cell/Standard Work, Pull/Kanban, and Set-up Reductions.  

Part 1 – Overview

The first installment of this series will include an introduction to the Lean Journey for your laboratory. Lean how to specify value, identify the value stream, and tips to eliminate waste!

  • Introduction
  • Why the drive for efficiency?
  • Lean in the Laboratory What is Lean?
  • Tools of Lean Manufacturing
  • Application of Tools to the Laboratory

Live Webinar - May 12 10am CST

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Part 2 – Lean Tools

The second installment of Lean Lab series will go into greater detail on how Lean Principles define waste, how to establish Takt time, and ways to determine if your lab is running most efficiently. These are all key factors to helping your team to identify ways to avoid wasteful steps in their daily activities.

  • Cell/Standard Work
  • Pull/Kanban
  • Set-up Reduction
  • Kaizen Events
  • TPM (Total Production Maintenance)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S

 Live Webinar - May 13 10am CST

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Part 3 – 5S

A team is only as powerful as the people on it! The third installment in the Lean Lab series will discuss the importance of working in teams, goals and benefits of Kaizan Events, and an in-depth discussion on 5S and what it means for your laboratory.

  • Teams
  • Kaizan Event
  • Current State
  • Performing 5S
  • Auditing

Live Webinar - May 14 10am CST

Lean Lab Part 3 Registration

All of the installments in this series will be available as pre-recorded training sessions after the live course date. For questions on the courses or for group registration discounts, contact us here -> Labtopia Training Inquiry