Job Order Open Date: 1/5/12
Placed Date 1/25/12
Service Provided: Temporary to Direct Placement
Labtopia Staffing was contacted from a regular customer to assist them with finding a Technical Report Writer for their company. Labtopia was provided with a detailed job description from the client. Needing a candidate that had both a scientific background and technical writing experience, Labtopia preceded in pre-screening candidate’s immediately for this position. Within five days, the client had interviewed the perfect match for the position. Labtopia knew from the start this was the right candidate for the job.  During the interview process, Labtopia provided an outline of the position’s responsibilities and had her answer a questions regarding the job requirements and submitted her information to the client. They immediately wanted to schedule an interview for the following day.  Within an hour of the interview, they extended an offer to the candidate.
Testimonial from the candidate:
When Labtopia [Staffing] first contacted me, I was rather skeptical. I'd never considered working through a temp agency, and it seemed too easy to be true - but, amazingly, it was! Within an hour of my interview, I had a job offer! They literally changed my life, boosting me out of minimum wage retail into a promising career after almost a year and a half of futile job hunting - a change that only took, literally, a couple of days. If you're looking for a new job and can't find a place to go, these are definitely the people to talk to.


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