In this course, participants will learn how to effectively manage projects from a technical and a people perspective.  They will be able to describe the phases of the project life cycle, use the tools of project management and create diagrams of current work projects.  They will practice methods for bringing their projects back on track when they are off-course, problem solve and create back-up plans for managing their personal projects.  They will also learn how to effectively manage people involved directly or indirectly in their projects and practice techniques for motivating their project team. At the end of the class they will have to skills to keep their projects on time, under budget and produce a high quality product or service.

Lecture, classroom activities and games, discussions and writing exercises are utilized to strengthen the participant’s project and people management skills. 

Key Session Topics:

  • Phases of the project life cycle
  • Project management tools
  • Problem solving when a project goes off track
  • Managing the project team

Who Should Attend:

All personnel who manage projects - ranging from a work assignment taking less than a day to a major project lasting months or more.