“Their background in NELAC was invaluable to ensuring that we could meet the new requirements we faced in streamlined way with our LIMS right out of the gate.” - Lab Supervisor, Large Water/Wastewater company


As a business servicing the Environmental and Water & Wastewater public sector needs, Labtopia understands that our customers are all facing the same fundamental issues. We provide the expertise needed to assist plant and contract laboratories technical and compliance support.

Labtopia can help you deliver accurate, consistent, and traceable results – using standardized processes that meet regulatory guidelines, ensure public safety and monitor quality throughout the entire sampling, testing, and reporting process.

Labtopia can help you implement the most sustainable and efficient processes – reducing labor intensive procedures and waste, while increasing automation.  Labtopia can help you do this and stilll remain profitable – making better use of your resources, having more harmonized processes, mitigating risks while continuously looking for process improvements.Labtopia Staffing can provide quality support personnel with our unique screening processes for candidates.

Labtopia Staffing can provide quality support personnel with our unique screening processes for candidates.

Labtopia Solutions can provide comprehensive ISO 17025 and NELAC support and compliance assistance that will be invaluable to your laboratory personnel, your quality assurance group, and your customers.

Labtopia Informatix can provide personalized and “Turn Key” Solutions for you information management systems. These solutions help with method support, quality management oversight, and defensible data.

The Water Module:  A LIMS Solution for Environmental Laboratories

Our Water Module teamed with ThermoFisher SampleManager LIMS is an essential tool for environmental testing labs for analyzing multiple analytes in complex matrices—whether it be potable water, soils, effluent, waste waters, rivers, chemical matrices, estuarine water, or air emissions,  and delivers user friendly navigation and easily accessible electronic reporting for regulatory compliance.

Thermo Scientific and Labtopia Informatix teamed up to create the Water Module, a solution to address the demands of environmental laboratories.  Federal, state and local environmental laboratories, independent contract laboratories, and laboratories within manufacturing organizations all demand the ability to meet methodology specifications and ever-changing regulations while simultaneously controlling costs and meeting rapid turnaround requests.    The Water Module and SampleManager are invaluable to environmental laboratory operations and allows managers to make informed decisions to improve throughput, resolve environmental issues/risks faster, all while enabling organizations to comply with strict regulatory guidelines. Find out how our LIMS for environmental labs can help you meet the compliance requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.